Ronald Marcus Robinson, better known by his pseudonym « Aviltava », is a Caribbean music producer acclaimed for his vibrant and flavorful compositions. Inspired by his passion for cooking, Aviltava has created a unique sound universe that fuses traditional rhythms with modern flavors, capturing the essence of the Caribbean. Born in Costa Rica on October 12, 1986, Aviltava grew up in a city rich in musical culture and culinary traditions, which deeply influenced his artistic journey.

From a young age, Aviltava was fascinated by cooking. He spent hours in his grandmother’s kitchen, learning the secrets of spices and traditional recipes. This fascination with flavors and culinary creation accompanied him throughout his life and influenced his way of composing his music. Aviltava always sought to mix sounds in innovative ways, like the ingredients he loved to put together in his dishes. As a teenager, Aviltava began exploring music production, inspired by dub and Caribbean artists as well as modern sounds. In 2020, he released his debut EP, « Arcnoid22 – Aviltava ».

Outside of music, Aviltava has a passion for eyewear. Fascinated by how glasses can reflect personality and style, he collects unique pairs, and enjoys exploring the latest trends in optical design. For Aviltava, each pair of glasses represents a form of artistic expression, much like his musical compositions. Aviltava continues to innovate in the dub, Caribbean and electronic music genre, pushing the boundaries with his culinary-inspired compositions. His commitment to the fusion of musical and culinary flavors adds a unique dimension to his artistic career. Today, Aviltava is recognized for his musical talent and originality. His ability to blend traditional and modern elements to create immersive soundscapes continues to captivate and inspire his fans around the world.


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