Oliver Ethan Hamilton, better known by his pseudonym « Atsource », is an ambient music producer known for his evocative and immersive compositions. Inspired by his travels around the world, Atsource has created a unique sound universe that transports its listeners into exotic and soothing soundscapes. Born in Australia on December 3, 1986, Atsource grew up in an environment rich in scents and magnificent panoramas which profoundly influenced his artistic journey.

From a young age, Atsource was fascinated by travel stories and foreign cultures. His parents, avid globetrotters, often took him on their journeys through Europe, Asia and South America. These experiences fueled his imagination and his desire to capture the essence of the places he visited through music. Atsource began recording ambient sounds during his travels, incorporating sounds of nature, local markets and bustling cities into his early compositions. As a teenager, Atsource discovered music production and began experimenting with software to create soundscapes. In 2020, he released his first EP, « Arcnoid22 – Atsource ».

Fascinated by the way fragrances can evoke memories and emotions, outside of music, he has a passion for perfumes. Atsource continues to innovate in the minimalist electronic ambient genre, pushing the boundaries with his compositions inspired by his travels. His ability to blend natural and electronic elements to create immersive soundscapes continues to captivate and inspire his fans around the world.


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