Max Reynolds Junior, better known by his pseudonym « Aptarapta », is a jungle drum and bass fusion music producer, famous for his avant-garde, sci-fi-influenced style. Born in London on March 5, 1986, Aptarapta grew up in a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, where science fiction culture and electronic music blended seamlessly.

From a young age, Aptarapta was captivated by science fiction stories. This fascination has deeply influenced his approach to music, prompting him to create complex soundscapes. As a teenager, Aptarapta began experimenting with music production software, fusing elements of Jazz, funk and other genres to create a unique and futuristic sound. In 2020, he released his debut EP, « Arcnoid22 – Aptarapta », which quickly gained attention in the underground scene with its innovative use of spacey synthesizers and complex beats.

Outside of music, Aptarapta has a passion for time. Fascinated by the way time structures our existence and temporal concepts, he collected rare watches and studied watchmaking. For Aptarapta, each watch represents a perfect fusion of precise mechanics and aesthetic artistry. Today, Aptarapta is recognized not only for his musical talent and originality, but also for his role as a mentor and inspiration for the new generation of producers. His ability to fuse the futuristic sounds and fast rhythms of jungle drum and bass has created a distinctive style that continues to captivate and inspire his fans around the world. Through his seamless blend of modern beats, Aptarapta has created a lasting legacy in electronic music.


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