Axel Hofman Varela, better known by his pseudonym « Albadede », is a house techno music producer known for his unique style influenced by arcade games. Born in Barcelona on February 14, 1986, Albadede grew up in a vibrant atmosphere where music and video games were an integral part of his daily life. The only child of a wealthy family, Albadede was exposed to a world of luxury and refinement at an early age, but it was his passion for arcade games and electronic music that truly shaped his future. He spent hours in arcades, fascinated by the digital sounds and frenetic rhythms of games. These experiences were the first influences on his musical style.

Albadede discovered the club scene and immersed himself in a genre that combines the hypnotic elements of techno with the driving grooves of house. Using machines and music production software, he began creating beats inspired by the sounds and effects of arcade games. In 2020, he released his first EP, “ACRNOID22 – ALBADEDE”, quickly noted for its originality and energy.

Outside of music, Albadede has several passions. A great dog lover, he lives with several breeds, including German Shepherds and Dalmatians. These loyal companions are often featured in his music videos and promotional photos, becoming an integral part of his public image.


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