Felix Eon Müller, better known by his pseudonym « Aktafrag », is a sound designer and producer of electronic breakbeat music recognized for his avant-garde compositions and innovative sounds. Aktafrag has created a unique sound universe that merges elements of design, structure and rhythm. Born in Berlin on September 15, 1986, Aktafrag grew up in a city at the crossroads of history, culture and innovation. His artistic journey is deeply influenced by fashion and his love for architecture, elements which he skillfully integrates into his musical work.

From a young age, Aktafrag was fascinated by fashion. His mother, a freelance fashion designer, often took him to workshops and shows, where he observed the process of creating the clothes. This early exposure to innovation and aesthetics nourished his eye for detail and his taste for the avant-garde. He saw fashion as a form of artistic expression capable of transforming and inspiring. As a teenager, Aktafrag began exploring music production, attracted by the endless possibilities of sound design and electronic music. In 2020, he released his first EP, « Arcnoid22 – Aktafrag »
This EP, hailed for its originality and artistic depth, propelled Akrafrag onto the international scene.

Outside of music, Akrafrag has a deep passion for architecture. Fascinated by how structures and spaces can influence human emotions and experiences, he spends a lot of time studying iconic buildings and visiting contemporary architectural works. For Akrafrag, each musical composition is a structure in itself, an architectural work of sound where each element must fit together perfectly. Akrafrag continues to innovate in the electronic sound design genre. His commitment to the fusion of auditory, visual and structural arts adds a unique dimension to his artistic career.


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