Jordan Rio Alvarez, better known by his pseudonym « Acidbissap« , is a hip hop soul electronic music producer acclaimed for his scientific and innovative approach to music creation. Born in San Francisco on July 14, 1986, Acidbissap grew up surrounded by chemistry books and urban rhythms, a mixture that would become the cornerstone of his artistic journey. His passion for chemistry played a central role in the development of his unique musical style. Acidbissap was fascinated by chemistry from childhood, spending hours experimenting with chemistry kits and reading about chemical reactions. This scientific curiosity quickly transformed into a passion for the creation and transformation of materials, a philosophy that he applied to music. For Acidbissap, each sound is like a molecule, which can be combined and rearranged to create complex and harmonious compositions.

Alongside studying chemistry at university, Acidbissap began producing music, fusing elements of hip hop, soul and electronica. In 2020, he released his debut EP, “Arcnoid22 – Acidbissap,” which quickly gained attention for its innovative approach and rich sonic textures. Using chemistry-inspired techniques like modulation and transformation of sounds, he created pieces that literally seemed to be bubbling with energy and creativity. Outside of music, Acidbissap has a deep passion for cars. Fascinated by the mechanical power and aesthetics of automobiles. For Acidbissap, each car represents a perfect combination of technology and design, much like his musical compositions. He often collaborates with car brands to create immersive experiences where music and mechanics collide.

Acidbissap continues to push the boundaries of hip hop soul electronic music, incorporating scientific concepts and inspirations from chemistry into his creations. His unique approach and dedication to musical innovation have made him an influential and respected figure in the music industry. Today, Acidbissap is not only recognized for his musical talent, but also for his role as a mentor and inspiration for the new generation of producers. His ability to merge science and art has opened new vistas in the world of music, captivating and inspiring his fans around the world.


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